On this page you will find resources and links that deal with teaching, lesson planning, issues of diversity, differentiation, and so on.

What Motivates People to do Well?
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Inquiry Based Learning: Launch-Explore-Share and Summarize (LES)

Sixteen Ways to be a Smarter Teacher: Download

Problem-Based Learning: Does it work? Research article: Download

LES Method: Download

Dan Meyer: Three Acts of a Mathematical Story Fake-World Math

Activities with Coherence and Rigor (NCTM)

Website: http://www.nctm.org/ARCs/

Classroom Math Talks

From Intentional Talk (K-5): DOWNLOAD

Making Number Talks Matter (4-10) (book): LINK

Five best practices for orchestrating productive mathematics discussions (HS) (book) LINK

Accommodation - Modification - Intervention

Kappa Delta Pi article April-June 2017 that clarifies the distinction DOWNLOAD


Centered versus Directed: Download

Differentiating Instruction: Download

Depth of Knowledge (DOK) Levels CHART Question Stems

Levels of Instruction (Dana Center): Download

Literacy Task Templates (Dana Center): Download Also make good uses of EDC 484 resources from Dr. Coiro and Dr. Kern.

Teaching Diversity: The Teaching Diverse Students Initiative (TDSI)

Questioning LINK

IMG_0424.jpgQuestions to ask with CCSS Mathematical Practices: DOWNLOAD

Questioning as Teaching and Assessing: Download

Needs of ELL students


Classroom Management, Active Listening, and Teaching Strategies

You can find lots of links for these areas here: LINK

Direct Instruction

Cognitive Strategy Instruction (Special Needs alternative to Direct Instruction): Download

Gradual Release of Responsibilities ("I do, We do, You do"): Download

Demonstration Lessons

EXAMPLE LESSON 1: Breaking Bridges
EXAMPLE LESSON 2: Viewing Tubes

Blooms Taxonomy and Depth of Knowledge:
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Watch Steve Leinwand get excited over the importance of planning:
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