12_1_2015.jpgOn this page you will find resources related to the teaching and learning of Number and Operations.

A guide to avoiding shortcuts that cut out the math

Operations with Whole Numbers

Percents, Decimals Fractions, Common Fractions

Operations with Fractions:
Actions with Fractions manuscript: DOWNLOAD
Division of Fractions 1: DOWNLOAD
Division of Fractions 2: DOWNLOAD
Educreations tutorials: Dividing by a fraction Identity Properties and Fractions
PENCASTS: Multiplying Fractions on the Number Line Dividing Fractions on the Number Line (right click and download these files and then open on your computer)

Operations with decimals:
Article: The Elusive Decimal Point DOWNLOAD
Multiplying Decimals DOWNLOAD
Ignoring the Decimal Point DOWNLOAD

Percents as a relative measure activity: Who is the Best Jumper?

Operations with integers

Multiplication and division Using two-color chips DOWNLOAD
Addition and subtraction Kinesthetic Method DOWNLOAD

Ratio and Proportion

Funny video to introduce the idea of ratio and proportion:

Development of proportional thinking in the common core: DOWNLOAD

Ratio and Proportion Hand-out DOWNLOAD
Ratio and Proportion Australia DOWNLOAD
Eels Worksheet DOWNLOAD
Strawberry Jam Worksheet DOWNLOAD
Strawberry Jam Possible Solutions DOWNLOAD
Activity 2 Worksheet DOWNLOAD