On this page you can find the documents that I provided electronically to your cooperating teacher.
In case your Cooperating Teacher misplaces hard copies or these files you can always retrieve them from here.

Expectations for student Teachers: http://sedc-practicumhandbook.wikispaces.com/Student+Teachers

I expect that you will explain each document to your cooperating teacher.

1-Introduction Letter to Cooperating Teacher DOWNLOAD
2-Contact Information Sheet DOWNLOAD
3-EDC 430 Syllabus DOWNLOAD

4-Unit Plan introduction and task
Unit Plan Guidelines DOWNLOAD
Unit Plan Assignment DOWNLOAD
Lesson Plan Template DOWNLOAD

5-EDC 431 Practicum Checklist and attendance log DOWNLOAD
6-Pre-Student Teaching Evaluation Form DOWNLOAD
7- Student Teaching Syllabus Assignment DOWNLOAD


Student Teaching Handbook: 8 Student_Teaching_Handbook.pdf
9- Guidelines for Cooperating Teachers for Student Teaching