MTH 391 Special Problems

On this page I will post resources, web links, and assignments that relate to the Common Core secondary mathematics curriculum.


MTH 391 Syllabus is incorporated with the EDC 430/431 syllabus.

Math textbooks available in the CML DOWNLOAD

The K-12 Mathematics Curriculum Center Curriculum Summaries (PDF) DOWNLOAD
Coventry High School Algebra 1 CCSS Curriculum Map (PDF) DOWNLOAD
Coventry High School Geometry CCSS Curriculum Map (PDF) DOWNLOAD
Curriculum maps for an integrated Problem Based Learning approach LINK

Complete written example curriculums by URI graduates

Tom Beall: High School Maritime Curriculum DOWNLOAD
Tom Beall: Grade 9 Algebra Trimester 1 DOWNLOAD
Tom Beall: Grade 9 Algebra Trimester 2 DOWNLOAD
Tom Beall: Grade 9 Algebra Trimester 3 DOWNLOAD

Top 13 Things Experts Recommend When Choosing a Common Core Program DOWNLOAD
(note: this is a commercial flyer from Curriculum Associates, but it has very good pointers regardless)


1. (INDIVIDUAL) School Report of Curriculum Organization and Materials (PDF) DOWNLOAD
Evaluation Tool: Mathematics Rubrics for Analyzing Instructional Materials (DOC) DOWNLOAD

2. (SHARED) Audit of Middle School and High School Mathematics Text Series
Audit Guidelines: (DOCX) DOWNLOAD
Audit Tools Middle School: (DOCX) DOWNLOAD
Audit Tools High School: (DOCX) DOWNLOAD

Web links

Tools for the Common Core Standards LINK
The Mathematics Common Core Toolkit LINK
RIDE Transition to CCSS and PARCC LINK
Common Core informational videos LINK

Reports, Reviews and Evaluations of Math Materials LINK K-8 LINK 9-12 LINK
ESSA Evidence Based Math Programs LINK

Curriculum Materials available on line


Emergent Math (Common Core problem based curriculum) LINK
EngageNY CCSS curriculum modules LINK
Illinois CCSS Mathematics Curriculum Models LINK
Ohio Math Curriculum Units LINK
North Carolina Unpacking the Standards Wikipage LINK
Utah The Mathematics Visions Project Modules (Integrated sequence): LINK

The Mathematics Assessment Project LINK

The University of Chicago School Mathematics Project: LINK

Inside Mathematics LINK
Digits Math (one of the first mostly on-line curriculums for grades 6-8) LINK
Support site for Digits Math LINK
Big Ideas LINK
Transition to Algebra Project LINK